Sustain Studio Cornwall - 8 inch Square print - Pink Paddleboarder

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A smaller version of ‘Helford Waters’, ‘Pink Paddleboarder’ features the same illustration as the ‘Helford Waters’ print but with added pink textured paint and a creamy, pulpy paper background.

Although gouache, watercolour and fine line were used originally, ‘Sunshine Soul’ has been digitally mastered.

The illustration has been digitally printed onto LUXE, PREMIUM paper, which features a recycled fleck and heavier weight. The paper is 100% Recycled Natural Fleck in 350gsm and has a sheer matte finish.

Despite the natural paper fleck, the pulpy, fibrous paper texture has been digitally printed onto the paper and is not a reflection of the original paper grain. To see the original paper grain, check the back of the print!

This positive and pretty print is sure to bring a moment of serene summer vibes to the walls of your home. A reminder that sunshine and summer is always near...

Postage and Packaging:

Each print comes cloaked in biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable packaging, that has been beautifully branded and wrapped with the greatest of love and care!