Sustain Studio Cornwall - 8 inch Square print - It's not me it's the Moon

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It's not me it's the Moon!

It’s Not Me, It’s The Moon

The phrase ‘It’s Not Me, It’s The Moon’ is more or less spoken, a lot, in my lovely household. If you weren’t aware, the moon controls a lot of our emotions, the tides of the sea, and acts as a point of guidance for those that wish to not use western therapy.

Every now and then, when a friend or I, start to go slightly bewitched or doolally, we are quick to look at the astrological calendar of moon phases, to see if we’re near to reaching a full moon.

If a full moon is present or near, we are more than happy to blame all of our issues on mother moon herself, rather than admitting and searching deeper to why we are feeling the way we are.

This is where the phrase ‘It’s Not Me, It’s The Moon’ originated from.

The moon-inspired print has been created digitally and is inspired by the modern-day graphic, screenprint direction, as well as the use of zodiac and celestial imagery as a cultural trend.

The pulpy grainy paper texture has therefore been digitally printed onto the paper and is not a reflection of the paper grain itself. The illustration is printed onto 100% Recycled Uncoated 300gsm paper and has a luxe, sheer matte finish.

‘It’s Not Me, It’s The Moon’ will look beautiful in any designated space and will work well as part of a stylish feature wall made up of other Sustain Studio prints. I recommend ‘Southcoast’, ‘Pink Paddleboarder’, ‘Cornish’ and ‘Autumn Sun’.

Postage and Packaging:

Each print comes cloaked in biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable packaging, that has been beautifully branded and wrapped with the greatest of love and care!