Sustain Studio Cornwall - 8 inch Square print - Godvrey Beach

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Godrevy Beach

The opposite of the ‘Godrevy at Night’ print is ‘Godrevy Beach’, the first print Mad's designed for Sustain Studio and a firm favourite within the collection. ‘Godrevy Beach’ features a gigantic golden sun, filling the sky of the coastal frame, prior to setting into the choppy abundance of the deep blue ocean.

Godrevy Beach is one of Mad's favourite beaches on the North Coast and is known by surfers and folk for its enchanting landscape, gnarly waves, and frequent seal sightings.

This simple cut-out collage print was originally created using two different techniques. Firstly, with the mediums of ink, pencil, pen, and paper and then using ripped black card for a true collage effect.

Despite using these techniques originally, ‘Godrevy Beach’ has since been digitally mastered. The pulpy fibrous paper texture has therefore been digitally printed onto the paper and is not a reflection of the paper grain itself. The illustration is printed onto 100% Recycled Uncoated 300gsm paper and has a luxe, sheer matte finish.

Godrevy Beach will look exquisite in any space but when placed in a beautiful bathroom, will make sure to bring positive bath thoughts of a happy beach day to the forefront of your soul …

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 Each print comes cloaked in biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable packaging, that has been beautifully branded and wrapped with the greatest of love and care!