Sew Bee Inspired - Drinks Carriers

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Navy & Orange
Geometric patterned cotton fabrics in navy & orange form this bright and useful drinks carrier when you want to have a handy bottle of water but need to keep your hands free. Lined with a strong calico fabric and a long padded adjustable strap so it can be worn across body if you wish. Lightly padded and quilted to give a soft comfortable finish and a drawn string closure. This handy carrier is big enough for  phone and small purse too. 
Overall dimensions are approximately 8" high x 4" square with 57" strap when fully extended.
Wild Flower Drinks Carrier 
For the gardeners amongst us, the fabric making up this drinks carrier has two complimentary fabrics, one with wild flowers and the other with one having wild grasses. Lined with a strong calico and an adjustable padded strap and drawstring closure to finish. 

Overall dimensions are approximately 9" high x 4" square with 50" strap when fully extended.