Pure Intentions - Tealights (9)

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Restore and recharge your soul being! Pure Intention tealights are infused with crystal energy. Choose one of the aromatherapy scents with a crystal that you feel is meaningful and will inspire you.

Crystal infused intention tealights can help you manifest your wishes and desires. When you light your tealight, illuminate your intentions, and release your message into the universe!

Pure Intentions products are natural, high quality, Cornish handcrafted, and curated products, they believe in good vibes! They are cruelty-free, paraben-free, and the candles and tealights are 100% vegan.

Amethyst - Attracts Calmness, Balance, Peace with a ylang-ylang scent
Rose Quartz - Attracts Love, Compassion & Kindness with a ylang-ylang scent
Moonstone - Attracts New Beginnings, Empathy & is Calming with a ylang-ylang scent
Citrine - Attracts Positivity, Wealth & Happiness witha lemon scent
Black Obsidian - Attracts Protection, Reflection & Truth with a lemon scent
Clear Quartz - Attracts Clarity, Desire & Harmony with a lemon scent

Hand-poured soy wax tealight.
Lemon (citrus) or ylang-ylang (floral) essential oil.
4hr Approx. burn time per tealight (20g)
Real crystals
Vegan friendly
Made in Cornwall

Cups are made with 100% flame retardant polycarbonate, no additives, non-toxic and made with 100% recycled raw materials.