Casa Cocoa - Bon Bons (Large box)

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  • Handmade Cornish Chocolate Bon-Bons
  • Each pack contains 6 flavours: (content quantities may vary)
    Cornish rhubarb & clotted cream,
    Cornish strawberry and clotted cream shortbread
    Morvenna Cornish spiced dark rum
    Fairlings Cornish biscuit milk
    Saffron and orange Bon Bon
    Rhodda's butter and cornish sea salt caramel


  • 12 cm x 12 cm x 4cm
  • 175g

These chocolates are made with Callebaut a Belgian couverture chocolate manufacturer. Couverture chocolate is chocolate with a high cocoa butter content used by gourmet and culinary professionals. 

The company's core chocolate range is manufactured in Belgium from bean to chocolate according to traditional recipes. Callebaut still applies the whole-bean roasting technique (instead of roasting cocoa kernels), as it did over 100 years ago. This technique allows the preservation of all the flavors and aromatic oils within the cocoa husk and fully releases them in the chocolate. Whole-bean roasting is nowadays often used by artisan, small-batch chocolate makers. Callebaut has preserved this original roasting method.