AllBalm - Massage candle - Sandalwood & Jasmine

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An exceptional exotic massage candle for a true sense of well being, with a blend of aphrodisiacal oils for enhancing a sensual mood, while encouraging feelings of calmness.

Created and handmade in North Cornwall using only vegan, sustainable and gluten free ingredients. A luxurious combination of nourishing organic oils and fair trade organic shea butter to leave the skin feeling smoother and restored.


A wonderful mix of rich, earthy and woody tones, for releasing feelings of stress with a backdrop of floral notes for uplifting the mood.


Light the massage candle and wait for the wax to pool. Blow out the flame and wait only a few minutes to cool before pouring or scooping the warm wax into your hand.

Marvellous for a relaxing body massage, using only gentle massage strokes for easing any signs of tension, while enjoying the warm absorbing organic oils.

Perfect for sharing with a partner, or simply use for yourself as a well deserved treat.

Suitable for all skin types to use on the face, lips, body, hands, feet and nails, especially when skin is either dry, mature or sensitive.

Contained in reusable & recyclable, round aluminium containers and lightly wrapped in tissue paper. (tissue paper colour will vary).

All Containers and gift tins are reusable and recyclable. making these delightful massage candles a more environmentally friendly option. AllBalm Products have not been tested on animals and are cruelty free. No harmful ingredients have been added. A Cosmetic Product & Safety Report & Insurance is also held.

The aluminium Container measurements are as follows:
15 ml = 40 mm (diameter) x 16 mm (height).
50 ml = 70 mm (diameter) x 25 mm (height).
100 ml = 81 mm (diameter) x 27 mm (height).

Naturally occurs in essential oils: Linalool, Limonene, Farnesol, Geraniol and Citral.

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