AllBalm - Coconut Deodorant

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Coconut Deodorant Balm (Aluminium Free Ingredients)

Created and handmade in North Cornwall, using only vegan, sustainable & gluten-free ingredients. (100% Natural Aluminium Free Ingredients).

A blend of ingredients and their benefits:

Coconut oil is a lovely natural moisturiser with antibacterial properties.
• Shea butter is anti-inflammatory & rich in vitamins to nourish and hydrate skin.
• Sodium bicarbonate is a perfect natural odour
neutraliser, to absorb extra moisture.
• Arrowroot powder leaves skin feeling smoother and softer.
• Carnauba wax is a vegan & vegetable wax to bind all the ingredients together & increase the length of time on the skin.

Simply use daily with a pea-sized amount underarm and as with any new product, allow for a few weeks for your body to adjust to the natural ingredients.

Can last for a couple of months when used daily.

Contained in reusable & recyclable, round aluminium containers, measuring: 70 mm (diameter) x 25 mm (height).