All Balm - Skin Toner - Juniper and Lime

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A truly clean, crisp and refreshing skin toner, for cleansing, moisturising and adding a layer of protection onto skin.

Releasing an energising aroma for alerting and stimulating the senses, with beneficial properties for cleansing and improving skin tone. Making this a wonderful Facial Cleanser & Toner/Aftershave Spray.

Created and hand blended in North Cornwall, with a mix of an organic Juniper Berry Hydrolat Fruit Water and an organic Lime Essential Oil 


1. To Cleanse Skin: either pour or spray toner onto a clean cotton reusable pad, until it feels damp. Then, gently wipe over the face and neck to remove any excess impurities from the skin.

2. To Tone Skin: either pour or spray toner lightly over the face, leaving skin feeling protected.

3. If required follow on with a moisturiser of your own or simply use one of All Balms listed balms:

4. Suitable as a cooling spray, especially during warmer weather.

Organic Hydrolats were sourced in the making of the above Skin Toner. They are the genuine by-product of the essential oil distillation process, where steam separates plant material into essential oil and water. The water (hydrolat) contains very minute amounts of essential oil.

Naturally occurs in essential oils: Limonene, Citral and Linalool.

No preservatives or alcohol have been added to the final toner.

Contained in a reusable & recyclable aluminium atomiser (spray) or pour bottle with a screw top lid, making this Skin Toner a more environmentally friendly option. A Cosmetic Product Safety Report and Insurance is also held. AllBalm products have not been tested on animals and are cruelty free and no harmful ingredients have been added.