Nicky Evans

Nicky first visited Olasiti, Nr Ngong, Kenya in 2013 as a volunteer with a volunteering company. It’s a Maasai village with a proud history of living by ancient values and customs where she stayed with a lovely family and decided to go back, independently, the following year. Life is tough as there is no electricity or water but the people are happy and positive, with an emphasis on family and community. Nicky realised that a small, steady amount of money would allow the Maasai orphanage to function successfully as it would pay the wages of the Matron (who looks after the children) and the gardener (who grows some food) and she now has a group of friends who continue to donate each year.

Nicky was last able to visit in 2019 during a very dry period. It’s hard to describe how hard life is without a regular supply of water as everything is affected - growing food, cooking, washing, as well as water to drink. The nearest well is over an hour away and the nearest town is a two-hour walk away but few families have a regular income to buy provisions regularly. She realised that she wanted to try and raise enough money for a community water borehole to allow families to grow their own food and maybe start their own businesses.  She subsequently met with an engineer and a surveyor and the hole has been dug but there is a need for a pump and solar panels, as well as a storage tank.

The money from the sales of Nicky's artwork will be sent to the village to pay for the much-needed equipment etc.