Doris & Dude Socks

For a long time, Dude’s feet were always happiest in a pair of flip-flops. The one pair of socks he owned would come out only on special occasions. But when Doris gifted Dude a pair of socks made from super soft bamboo, he was surprised to discover how addictively wearable they were. Dude’s only wish was that they were more fun to look at. 

The pair had struck on an idea: “Let’s create the ultimate sock that people actually enjoy wearing!” They embarked on developing their own supersoft bamboo socks with colour and design at the core and the Doris & Dude brand was born!

Doris & Dude is a Cornish brand based in Newquay. 


Size Guide UK Size EU Size
Mens 7-11 41-45
Mens XL 11-14 46-50
Womens 3-7 36-40
Kids 9-12 27-31
Kids XL 12-3 31-36
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